Day 1: Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Vegetables

Okay, here we go. Day one of twenty eight of not eating out. Starting this blog to keep track of what we eat, what we like, what we hate and to attempt to stay sane through this. Luckily I already had a meal planned for today before we decided to do this, so day one didn’t take any extra effort.

Almost all of our weekly meals come from Skinny Taste because I love her recipes and she calculates the Weight Watcher points for each dish. I’m sure I’ll have to explore beyond Skinny Taste, but it’s my go to for sure.

Today we had Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Vegetables. It was a relatively easy meal to cook, although I am really grossed out by chicken right now so prepping that was hard for me.

Going into the oven:


Out of the oven:




The girls ate the chicken without much complaint, although they did scrape all the herbs off. Rachel ate some asparagus, but I made Sophie some broccoli because she doesn’t like any of the veggies in this dish. Next time I’ll make sure to add veggies that both girls like so that I don’t have to make extra for them.

Yeah, easy first day. Tomorrow I already had a crock pot meal planned so dinner is covered, but I am worried about what to do for lunch because I usually eat at work. Friday night is usually pretty hectic, too. Day by day!


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