Day 5: Meatloaf / Prepping for Week Two

For day five Artie prepared one of Miles’ favorite foods — meatloaf. Fun mushy fact, when we first starting dating Artie made meatloaf for me as a romantic gesture like someone else would send flowers — I got homemade meatloaf! It was love!

We keep forgetting to take better pictures so here is a picture of my plate after I covered everything in ketchup and sour cream.


For dinner we had leftovers. The girls ate with their mom and they got to eat out, which I’m sure they were thrilled about! They are pretty confused/annoyed by this experience, especially since it means no pizza delivery or Mexican food.

On Sunday nights I usually meal plan and make the grocery list, but with this endeavor it’s become more of a task. Here’s a peek at this week’s grocery list and you can see my meal plan for the week on the side. I took a meal request from each girl, which made this week easier especially since they like simple meals.


We use a chalkboard in the kitchen to show the girls what the week looks like and what we’re having for dinner each night so they don’t ask a million times.





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